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Meet Your Neighbour: Seasonal Properties

Seasonal Properties offers vacation or seasonal stay homes in The Blue Mountains, Collingwood and South Georgian Bay and the surrounding area. Founded by Eva and Sean Landreth who are local full-time residents who work in real estate, Vacation Rental Management and financing.  Seasonal Properties is a turn-key solution for property owners looking to optimize revenue at a seasonal and monthly level. presents an appealing selection of vacation rental homes for people that would like to come to the area and stay a while, whether it be for a month or longer. As a renter, having access to an entire home is extremely appealing, especially with children providing a home base in our beautiful area for longer than just a weekend or few days.

“We offer more than what a realtor can typically provide.  When you use a realtor, they basically handle the transaction and then both the renter and the tenant are on their own after that.  We provide support during the entire stay acting as a hands-on concierge service and offer help with everything from electronics, house sitting, appliances, cleaning, linen services and the list goes on.  We also offer advice to renters and connect them with local resources, restaurants, services, and attractions in the area, to help make their stay as wonderful as possible” explains Eva. can support investment property owners right from the beginning.  “Often times, we offer advice and assistance in the selection of furniture and home décor choices for maximum rental appeal.  A lot of times, it’s a new property and the homeowner is in the process of selecting furnishings.  We’re more than happy to work with them and refer them to great resources in our community like The Nest in Collingwood Downtown or Chatterson’s Home Furniture.  We like to encourage homeowners to use our local shops and services” Eva continues. Another attractive element of working with Seasonal Properties is that they can help tenants navigate the process of tapping into their existing home insurance policy so that they and the home they are renting is insured, a great benefit to both the homeowner and the tenant. “We ensure that both the home owner and tenants are both properly insured” Explains, Sean.

The first step in the process for homeowners who are interested in working with is to visit the website and reach out to the Seasonal Properties team. Sean & Eva and their team review the request and then arrange a walk through to set a competitive rental analysis and pricing.  Once the property is ready for marketing, they bring in a professional photographer at their own cost to capture what could be a renter’s dream property and then the marketing starts through their website, social media, their own client base and other select channels to connect with the right target audience.

Eva and Sean had an affinity to The Blue Mountains often vacationing when they were young, growing up and then with their family when they took vacations from their life in the Cayman Islands, ultimately making the move to live here full time and raise their family in 2014. This is when Sean founded Property Valet. Now, together with her with their 3 boys and 3 dogs, they continue to enjoy everything that our area has to offer including golfing, skiing, hiking, fishing and the many trails connected through the Georgian Trail Network.

Interesting fact: An STA, short term accommodation is a property rental less than 30 days and a Seasonal Property Rental is anything over 30 days.

If you’re in the market for a seasonal property rental or looking for an investment rental property, Eva Landreth and is a great place to start!  Sean and Eva and their growing team will take great care of you.  You can find online, at their office in Collingwood Downtown at 219 Hurontario Street in Collingwood Downtown, and reach out to them at  [email protected] to get the process started. If you are looking to partner you can reach out to their Real Estate Coordinator, Emma Wright at [email protected]


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