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Meet Your Neighbour: Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique

Mother-daughter team Paige and Kendall moved to Collingwood embarking on a journey to live more sustainably and they had a dream of opening a store together that would make it easy for anyone to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and get back to the basics.  They opened the doors to Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique in May of 2020 and carry a variety of sustainable home and body goods alongside a curated selection of refillable products that are made in Canada.

“We believe in living naturally. And we’ve worked hard to craft a space where sustainability and elegance coexist. We are constantly evolving and continue to research and learn more about synthetic and natural ingredients so we can offer the best quality, all-natural products from companies run by mindful individuals who care about what they create and the impact their products have.” says Paige. “This means less packaging, less chemicals, less waste, and less stress. Everything in Pine can be refilled, reused or recycled back into nature at the end of its life.”

“Sustainable means not only less waste and refilling, it’s also about supporting Canadian small businesses.” adds Kendall. “We’re currently working with Bishop Botanicals on a new lotion that will be available soon.  It’s fun to work with another mother-daughter team and it’s important to us to support other small businesses in Downtown Collingwood.  We love being able to refer shoppers to other stores like Haven or The Hive, or if someone is looking for a bite to eat, we usually send them on over to Sol Kitchen or Gibsons. We feel that a lot of local small business owners here go out of their way to send customers our way and we enjoy returning the favour.”

Pine Eco + Refillery boutique also offers a lovely selection of low impact lifestyle items that are sustainably sourced alternatives to plastic and single-use products. They’ve just brought in a beautiful selection of houseplants and research has shown that having houseplants offers many benefits including:  Improving your mood, lowering stress and anxiety, boosting healing, improved air quality and easing respiratory ailments.

Sustainability tip:  This mother-daughter team certainly does their research and shares their knowledge through their very informative Pine Journal

Spring is the season to refresh, renew and clean house. A visit to Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique we get you well on your way to living a more sustainable lifestyle. You can find Pine Eco + Refillery Boutique at 38 Pine Street in Downtown Collingwood for in-store shopping and you can also shop on-line  Follow them on facebook or Instagram @shoppineboutique.

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