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Meet Your Neighbour: Lemonwood


Christine Peters, the founder of Lemonwood has been offering affordable luxury clothing since the winter of 2017, when she opened her first pop-up store during the holiday shopping season in Oakville, Ontario.  Originally, she started a wholesale business, selling cashmere ponchos to spas.  When the opportunity to open a small retail test pod presented itself, she took advantage of it and the success was overwhelming, leading to a renovation and creating the flagship location for a retail chain that now has 6 locations in Ontario.

Christine always had the dream bringing beautiful apparel and accessories to Canadian women by scouting small overseas factories for uniquely crafted and sustainably made items. She set out to fulfill that dream by connecting with carefully chosen factories around the world, those which empower women, are run by women, or are socially responsible in their use of sustainable materials.

“Wearing affordable luxury clothing can be a positive experience in many ways.  It can make you feel more confident and stylish, it can help you express your personality and creativity, and it can save you money in the long run, as natural fibres used in our clothing tends to last longer.  At Lemonwood we are careful to support ethical and sustainable fashion practices as we are committed to fair labour and eco-friendly materials without compromising on durability, comfort, or aesthetics” explains Chritine.

Fun fact:  Many years ago, Christine lived on a street in Toronto, named Lemonwood and that’s where the brand name for her retail boutiques originated.

Choosing downtown Collingwood as a location to open one of her stores was obvious to Christine, her boys grew up skiing at Blue Mountain and she has always admired the range of retailers downtown, especially in the fashion industry.  “We love being here, in this location.  Downtown Collingwood is beautiful.  We love being part of Collingwood Fashion Week, it’s a great opportunity to showcase our collections and be part of the community” says Christine.

With the expansion and successful growth of the Lemonwood brand, Christine has two significant fashion icons representing her brand.  Canadian television personality, fashion editor, and author Jeanne Beker, and Canadian model, actress, television host Monika Schnarre.

Today, you can find Lemonwood in Oakville, Summerhill, The Kingsway, The Path in downtown Toronto, Seasonally in Port Carling and shop their newest location at 72 Hurontario Street in Collingwood Downtown.  You can also shop on-line and follow Lemonwood on Facebook or Instagram to find out about ongoing promotions and news about new arrivals.

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