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Meet Your Neighbour: Good Health Mart

For over 16 years, John and Suzie Wensley and their knowledgeable staff at Good Health Mart have been making people feel better and healthier with their passion for health and their passion for our community.  They care to take the extra time to help you and your family be healthy naturally.

Good Health Mart provides a better choice for premium health products that are quality and clean of toxins and contaminants. “In our industry there are stringent certifications, that have to happen from raw materials at the beginning of manufacturing and before a product is released.” informs Suzie. “We source products, good, high-quality vitamins and supplements in Canada for the people in our community.  That gives both us and our customers peace of mind.  Passion and integrity is very important to us. In our store you’ll find a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, supplements, proteins and personal care products to help you resolve your ailments or lead you to better health and well being so you can function healthfully – it’s something we all deserve.”

John and Suzie have been passionate about health for over 40 years and were in the pet business for 10 years helping resolve pet health issues with caring and passion.  Pet owners saw the positive results of their pet’s health through natural supplements, which naturally transitioned over time to helping people with their health needs.  “Pets have no preconceptions, so it is very easy to help them with their conditions and journey back to wellness, because they don’t have the same fears, apprehensions, or resistance that people do.  People require more coaching, and we love helping people find the right products that will help them, by spending extra time with them.” continues Suzie. “There is an intricate network within our body –  your brain, gut and heart.  Together, these three influence mental, emotional and physical health. Taking care of your brain, gut and heart, takes care of your overall health. It’s all connected.”

John and Suzie have a knowledgeable team working with them at Good Health Mart, and they all stay up to speed with on-going best practices in the industry through ongoing education courses, seminars, and product knowledge training. They have a very friendly and inviting environment.  Don’t be surprised, if they seem like they know everyone, as everyone is on first name basis when you visit.

“For our customers we offer a personal level of customer service.  We do the very best we can to answer your questions, and if we don’t know the answer, we take the time and make our very best effort to find the answers for you.  We try to really find the root of the problem and find a tailored solution for you. We’re very grateful for our knowledgeable staff.  Our staff is just as passionate as we are about helping people in our community with their health journey” says John. “If we don’t have the product you’re looking for, and we know of a neighbouring business that does, we’re very keen to send you in the right direction.”

If you’re feeling like you need to get on a path to better health, head on over to Good Health Mart and get the conversation started.  You can find Good Health Mart at 145 Hurontario Street in Collingwood Downtown.  Visit them on-line at, follow them on Facebook at or Instagram at @goodhealthcollingwood

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