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Meet Your Neighbour: Cwood Eyecare


Located in Collingwood Downtown on the second floor of the Arlington building, you’ll find Cwood Eyecare offering a full service comprehensive eyecare and over 500 frames to choose from that range from classic to funky fresh.  Dr. E. Jayne Cation opened the doors to Cwood Eyecare in 2022, as a sister location to long established Collingwood Optometry to meet the growing demand for eyecare services and products in our community.

Jayne was born and raised in rural Caledon and completed her Honours BSc in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario in 2008 and then graduated with honours as a Doctor of Optometry from the University of Waterloo in 2012.  She moved to Collingwood after graduation and is passionate about the profession of optometry and wants to provide optimal vision by ensuring the best health of her patients.

“I chose to move to Collingwood on the recommendation of a friend who worked for Elephant Thoughts, she said ‘Jayne, you’re not a city girl, you should check out Collingwood’, and so I did.  I’d never been here before and started sending out resumes via snail mail,” Jayne recalls. “Opening our second practice in Collingwood Downtown has been fantastic.  I love working in our downtown core, it’s beautiful, vibrant and has lots of character.  It’s nice to see so many familiar faces whether they are patients or friends when you’re walking down the street.  It’s convenient and you’re so close to wonderful restaurants like Fig & Feta, a personal favourite and shops like Minds Alive.  As a mother of 3 children, we’re frequent visitors,” she continues.

Optimal eye care is important and when your eyes are working properly, it’s easy to ignore them.  It’s better to be proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to our vision.  “It’s recommended that children have their first eye exam when they are 6 months old and then again before they start Junior Kindergarten, after that annually until children are 19 years old.  These exams are covered by OHIP,” explains Jayne.  “Adults should have their eyes examined every 2-3 years, more frequently if there is a family history of eye problems, pre-existing condition or if the patient is a contact lens wearer.  Seniors should be seen annually,” she continues. “Glasses are so much fun now and they can totally change your appearance. As well as being functional, they’ve become extremely fashionable.”

“We exclusively deal in mid-high end lens wear.  From the eye exam to the selection of frames it’s all about the quality of products and services that we dispense.  We want to give patients the best possible experience when it comes to their vision,” says Jayne.

Good to know:   You can get same-day service and emergency repairs right at their office.

Outside the office, Jayne loves physical activity of all kinds. She was Athlete of the Year at UWO in 2008, has represented Canada in rugby, ran a marathon, and biked across Canada. Jayne and her husband are busy at home with 3 children, and they all enjoy getting outdoors and enjoying everything that our area has to offer.

Find Cwood Eyecare at 115 Hurontario St. Suite 203 in Collingwood Downtown.  Visit their website for more information about their services and products and follow them on Facebook 

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